Wazuh Installer for Windows

This manual explains how to install Wazuh and Logstash separately. If you want to install both applications at the same time, just follow the steps in section «2. Download and Execution” and in the 8th step, choose “Wazuh” and “Logstash”.

1.   Download and Execution #

  1. Download the main program called ApoloInstaller.exe. It is recommended to place it in a folder that is known and accessible.
  1. Run the program and accept the windows that appear during the process. It should ask for Administrator permissions. If not, it is recommended to right-click the Installer and run as Administrator.

  1. In case Windows detects it as a threat on the next screen, click on «More information» and «Run anyway».

The following screen will appear where we will have to enter the credentials provided by the organization to verify and receive the data necessary for the correct installation.

In case of error because it has already been installed previously, we will follow the following steps:

5.1. Windows Search “Add or Remove Programs”

5.2. Search “Wazuh Agent”

        5.3. Delete “Wazuh Agent”

5.4. We proceed to point 2. to return to installation

Verification of the customer may take a few seconds. If the verification is correct, the following configuration screen should appear, where we will select whether the installation is a PC or a server:

6.1. In case of error during authentication, the following pop-up will appear, and we will return to point 2.

It is advisable to put different names on the machines during the installation to facilitate in the future where the attacks and vulnerabilities come from, but it is optional.

  1. The following window will appear, where we will have to choose «Wazuh”

We will wait for the download until the screen appears indicating that the installation has been successfully completed.

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