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This allows us to always be in innovation. We also collaborate with UPC and various top companies in the digital world.

We are part of the National SOC Network of the CCN-CERT


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Organizers of the Cybersecurity Congress of Barcelona.

Apolo is a cutting-edge cybersecurity analytics system that brings together all your digital solutions in one comprehensive dashboard. With real-time data from various sources, you can quickly detect and respond to potential cyber threats, and optimize your security strategies to protect your business.


Certified as a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

Today we present LE-CERT, Light Eyes and DND Agency’s own CERT, dedicated to cooperate with the CSIRT network at European level to stop global threats, disseminate relevant information and provide tools and preventive material to help organizations and institutions to protect themselves.

LE-CERT, nacido para dar un paso más hacia tu protección.

The growing escalation of cyberattacks worldwide has forced organizations to adapt to new technologies from a cybersecurity approach. Cybersecurity is increasingly on everyone’s lips.

Today, we know that cyber threats can put an end to our rhythm of life and our projects. To maintain the security and privacy of our digital world, CSIRTs exist.

What is a CSIRT?

A CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) or CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is a team of IT security experts who collect information about cybersecurity incidents, analyze it and respond to incidents in order to mitigate them. They also collaborate with victims, other institutions and other CSIRTs to make the Internet a much safer space.


You can follow updates on purposes, contact and other information regarding LE-CERT through this page.

What CSIRT communities exist?

At the state level there is the CSIRT.es forum, a forum with more than 40 response teams from large companies and institutions.

At the European level, we have the CSIRT Task Force and Trusted Introducer, which comprises response teams from European countries and other external countries.

At the global level, there is a global community called First.

The European cybersecurity agency, Enisa, offers an inventory of these teams differentiated by roles and accreditations where you can find us.

We are a certified cybersecurity company

Our cybersecurity certifications ensure compliance and protection of your digital assets.

With our cybersecurity experience and certifications

 we can provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Technological solutions
for organizations.

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That services guide and determine the hardering process of the company and the digital path to follow

CISO as a Service/ Digital Strategic Plan

• Generate and implement security policies
• Guarantee and ensure the security of data
• Monitor the administration of information access control
• Head of the security incident response team
• Backup and DRP

(Security Operation Center)

We offer a continuous 24x7 monitoring service that can control network inputs and outputs, establish cybersecurity policies, monitor servers and act in case of incident and bring IT management and maintenance anywhere in the world.

• Tier 1 (Analysis)
• Tier 2 (Incident Responder)
• Tier 3 (SOC 360)


Light Eyes offers specialized cybersecurity solutions for companies and public administrations with the objectives that these do not have.

• Vulnerability Analysis
• Red Team
• Phishing Attack
• Malware analysis
• Code analysis


Professional Training in cybersecurity to protect the key piece of cybersecurity, THE USER.

• Online Training
• Face-to-Face Training
• Support Documentation



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